The man named DANIEL THOMAS MINNEHAN abandonded his daughter little Danielle

For-little-danielle Contact:Jennifer Rachell Minnehan

P.O. Box 82385
Baton Rouge, La. 70884


comming tomorrow videos of Daniel Minnehan & Danielle presious moments that you will view and see for yourself as this man protrays a loving father then the facts he abandoned her later on when he meets "a woman of the night" and says "Danielle will be a burden to him and ruin his new love.
This website is being made and published to let everyone know what this man Daniel T. Minnehan done on his own free will to hurt an innocent child because he felt like it.  Because his statement "I DO NOT WANT DANIELLE ANYMORE, SO STOP THE ADOPTIONON MY END. Daniel T Minnehan has a right to...
These notorized documents written and signed by Daniel Thomas Minnehan of his promise to pay child support so his little girl Daniel could attend nice schools, have a nice life,,all to end up being promises to a little girl that will prove of the truths about this man.
Interesting emails from Daniel T Minnehan, many stories of messages to his daughter, how much he misses and loves her, how he will always be a wonderful father to her.
Emails from Daniel T. Minnehan on his daughter's adoption
Legal documents signed by Daniel Thomas Minnehan and myself for the adoption of Danielle

Visitors notice

11/05/2012 21:57
There is so much information you will continue to see get published about this man Daniel T Minnehan to keep you informed on how this man set out for an adoption of an innocent human being and how his broken promises hurts this innocent child.

Website launched

11/05/2012 21:56
Our new website has been launched today. This website is a working progress.  To stay informed about a little girl's life from before she was born to date. Stay with us on updates that will be posted weekly.