The man named DANIEL THOMAS MINNEHAN abandonded his daughter little Danielle

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Baton Rouge, La. 70884

The Reason For This Website

11/08/2012 14:09

This website is being made and published to let everyone know what this man Daniel T. Minnehan done on his own free will to hurt an innocent child because he felt like it.  Because his statement "I DO NOT WANT DANIELLE ANYMORE, SO STOP THE ADOPTIONON MY END. Daniel T Minnehan has a right to do as he pleases; however what he did in this situation with a child's life abandoning her, no longer wanted to be her father, no longer wanting any responsibilities that he was equally responsible as I was.  Daniel T Minnehan does not care about what he did or he would never have done it.  His reason, he found someone and wants to go on with his life and not be pinned down with a child!!! Danielle can not stop him from a new relationship she is not going to burden this man. He states things have changed with him and he no longer wants this child this would cause problems with things in his life. Many of us go on with our lives everyday when things change but we do not stop loving and just abandon an innocent life that we chose and pursued to have in our lives. This is not just about a dead beat parent or a situation of custody arraingements, or meadiation between two people in a divorce case. This is about a choice on an innocent life. Where does all this go from here?  No one can make Daniel Minnehan love Danielle. No one can make Daniel Minnehan see his daughter Danielle if he feels she would burden him.  Can Daniel Minnehan just do everything as he pleases from making arrangements to adopt her going all the way until HE desides he can change his mind and drop and abandon a human beings life completely like she would be something he purchased decided he did not like it and returned it.  Danielle is a child can he just get way with this and not have to be accountable for anything regarding Danielle?  As you follow this story please leave your opinion or comments they are greatly appreciated.